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Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day, 2011 "I think I can drink 7 Irish Carbombs."

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. What fun it was. I had a wonderful time. I say this, as I'm sitting here re-hydrating, and running shivering to the restroom every hour or so trying to get rid of the shame that was the end of last night. Much like any other time spent drinking, it sounded like a great idea going into the activity.

I can't remember when I decided it, I think it was right before I'd left the office yesterday. For some reason or another I decided that I was going to drink 7 (Seven) Irish Car bombs on St. Patrick's Day.

I had intended to do the tour of Canton Square, that being Looney's, Speakeasy, Portside, Mama's on the Halfshell, Nacho Mama's, Coburn's, JD's Smokehouse, and finally, see the act on the stage under the tent in the Claddagh Pub.
That didn't quite go as planned.

So, I got a parking space amazingly enough right in front of what was Talay Thai Grille. I walked up Aliceanna, and stopped off at my first spot, which was 'Bartender's' on Boston St.

Then, trudging dutifully toward Canton square, I nearly didn't go into The Gin Mill, but I realized that it has too much history on Boston Street for me to not go in and get one there. They served it in a glass. Quite tasty.

Third was Mahaffey's. I simply HAD to go in there, as I'd cut across the Safeway parking lot to get to the square, and a friend of mine from Randallstown used to be part owner of the place, years ago when it had a different name.

I got to the square, and felt ALL THREE CARBOMBS HIT ME AT ONCE. I went to see the fellas at the door at Looney's, and said hi, then went straight for the pit beef stand in front of Claddagh's. I needed to eat something before I was done for. I ran into some friends, including Shawn, whom I always see on the bar scene, and we've only see each other sober once. It's a running joke.

Fourth was a favorite place of mine, good Ol' Nacho Mamas. Delaware Dave gave me the most Classic of Carbombs (In a glass, I might add) that went down good and smooth. He made sure to drop it in for me. Nice touch, Delaware.

Fifth was in Mamas on the Halfshell. It was a tight fit in there, but I got my drink, and soldiered on to number six.

It's around the time between five and six that I really started feeling it. Probably because...well...I'd had five Carbombs in the course of an hour, but moreso because I had to wait in a line outside Portside, and the delay only helped the chemical reaction to take a firmer hold on me. I spent plenty of time chatting it up and then I got in, got my drink in the tent, and took in some sights.

It took me a little bit of time to find my way out of there. ran into some friends I knew. stopped and chatted for a while. Okay, more like nodded and hollered 'YEAH!' a lot, and picked up on keywords, when I thought I'd heard something I could talk about, so...I dunno if you'd call it a conversation. It ended in smiles and hugs, though.

Number seven happened at Coburns. Not that it was intended, so much as the line for Claddagh's was so long, it was bleeding into the line for Looney's. I knew if I stood there and waited, I'd never make it to number seven, but I still fought intoxication the only way I knew how.

I ate. Again.

I went to the Pretzeldog vendor (smartest business owner I can think of. He's open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night only. STAYS busy.) and got a dog to fight back inebriation. The pit beef was doing its job, but my stomach needed more padding.

Coburn's was good and full, like most weekend or holiday nights. I 'scused my way upstairs, and fell in rank with a friend of mine, Dr. Ian.

The Doctor and I were enjoying witnessing the usual frivolity of the partiers, and moving to the beat of the DJ. Everyone had a fantastic time, rocking out, dancing, smooshing through the crowd, and seeing people they hadn't seen all winter.

Finally, an opening at the upstairs bar. I went for it. Number seven was achieved.

It goes without saying that clearly after number five, I was already quite smashed. Seven was an objective, but as many people has told me, they usually were no more good after four.

Just look at the pictures. Clearly I was well hammered by 4.

One would have thought that the night was over, however I was determined to do at least one more bar. I did, I STILL couldn't make it into Claddagh's (around 12:30) but Looney's was doing well enough to have no line at all, so in I went.

...where I had a couple glasses of water.

I clearly needed it. again there was more dancing, and more chatting, and more pictures that were being taken. Eventually, I realized it was all over and done with, and I took the long walk back to my car.

It got ugly back when I was at my car. lets just say I spent a lot of time in my back seat. A LOT of time.

Glad I saw everyone that I did. I had a great time. I can still say that despite the shivers, and stomach gurgles, and the way I woke up this morning. Enjoy your drinks responsibly, kids.

Remember kids, Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner...


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